About Us

Dilini was founded by the two Bulteel-sisters, Gracy and Kelly.

Driven by their passion for leatherworks they've decided to start drawing their own handbag collection
and let the designs be fabricated with high quality commodities.

The result: handbags that suit every type of woman who likes fashionable accessory and an eye for detail.


Showroom Dilini

Dilini - GOMAG
Trade Mart Brussels
Stand: Barcelona 118


Sales NL: Gracy Bulteel : [T] +32 (0)485 19 13 67 [E] info @dilini.be

Sales FR: Anne Van Den Stock: [T] +32 (0)494 59 52 52 [E] annevds @gomag.eu

Administration: Kelly Bulteel [T] +32 (0)496 23 67 05 [E] info @dilini.be